Roblox is an online game developing studio which provides a platform to the developers to make different playgrounds and games.Some games like Welcome to Bloxburg, Meepcity, and jailbreak are good creations of Roblox studio.

Getting Started with Roblox Studio

Basically, Roblox Studio is providing a space for developers to make worlds, games, and models. The best way to learn about the basics of Roblox studio is the tutorials by Roblox Corporation.

After opening the Roblox studio it shows the main menu with an option “New” where you can select a template with which you want to start and then use the tabs next to templates for creating worlds based on themes or for creating gameplays such as Racing or Obby.

How To Make a Roblox Obby

An Obby is one of the most used and important types of games seen in Roblox.They are usually 3d obstacles that players have to avoid by running or jumping to remain safe from the difficulties and other levels of the game.Mario is one the most popular Platform of Roblox Obby.

Making First Game with Roblox

After selecting the Obby template it will load up an editing interface.In the center, you will see the objects of the game according to the template where you can drag things and completely edit them with just a few clicks.

There are a lot of things are shown here so don’t try to bother with things you don’t know.As you have got a complete template with start point and end point and with all the difficulties and game levels. After making some changes you can make it your own.

First of all, just change the sky background from day to night or if its night then change it in the day by opening the Time of day. Open the explore in the right column select the Lighting to open it and scroll down to find Time of day.

Here you can set the time from 24 hours to any specific time.For example, for the day you can set it to 1 pm and for the night you can set it to 1 am.After opening the explorer you can easily add your own platforms and you can also change the color of things already present in the template.

You can also drag the items to make some changes and make it interesting.You can add more difficulties by adding red squares and by increasing game levels.

Finishing First Game with Roblox

These were some basic changes to make your own Obby.By going through Roblox studio you will experience a much more.

When your game is at a point where you think that now it’s complete you can go for finishing.Click on “File” in the top left corner then click on “Publish to Roblox” to start finishing.Here you can name your game,add a description, select genre of the game, set up everything required and then your game is ready to publish.

Configuring your Game

After opening the Main menu there is an option named “My Games” Where you can configure your game.Open the basic setting where you can change the privacy of your game to public or private.

Disallow Copying Of your game

Disallowing copying of your game stop others from copying your game but it allows others to copy your game as a template to make their own games. For this purpose, you should open the configuration tab (the method is mentioned above) Select the permission tab where you can select the genre of the game too

If you want to allow copying of your game you should check to allow copying and if you want to disallow copying you should uncheck it.