Hey all there is good news on its way for the entire fan following of the Xbox 360 we are announcing you a complete package of games and mentioning the top ten most followed and played games by Xbox 360.

The gamers who wants to invest their time well plus are willing to have a good and easier way to access their most favorite games here we have complies a list so that it adds more and comfort for the gamers. So here goes the list and suit yourselves with the utmost and appropriate games of your choice.

1. GTA V

GTA V is available in every list because it is one of the most interesting games that have released.

This game caters a lot- from enjoying scenery, to travelling and even murdering anyone. Furthermore campaign can be played which adds much entertainment.

2) Gears of War

Gear of War released four separate games at X Box360, which gives the player a quiet tough time while playing.

Warzone tournaments are just like any other War style game. The game is really very hard for the ones who are playing for the very first time.

3) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This game has passed by everyone’s hand and no one is left behind in playing this game.

This game is always on hook either played online or at PC. Modern Warfare is considered as the Don of this playing zone. It was very popular since beginning and launch and is still center of attention by many gamers.

4) Dead Rising

Having a stressful day? What could be much better then dead rising? This allows the gamer to kill zombies.

The prime purpose of the game is to stay alive with the help of a helicopter. This game provides the gamer with a few favorite weapons the funniest one would be a heated frying pan.

5) Saints Row: The Third

Bored of Theft Auto then Saint Row having many similarities to Theft Auto is all about having gang wars but it is a light hearted game.

6) Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

A Grand total of seven assassins were released on Xbox 360. There were reasons to choose Black Flag as one of the most appealing games.

The foremost reason was that in not all the games you can play as an assassin and played on a theme that is oceanic based therefore, it was the best release and this game is all about pirates and navigating ships on the ocean.

7) Borderlands 2

Precisely Borderland is something beyond awesome. Borderland 2 was a better version that border land 1It was released with better guns, better gameplay and much better character development tactics. It is such a fun.

The game consists of some cartoonist graphics that is real fun to play. This game is not very hard and easily gets completed. And gamers access it very often.

8) Mass Effect 2

The response of Mass Effect game was a really meaningful. Mass effect is one of the science fiction game and is loved and appreciated by the audiences, but soon mass effect 2 was released which was pure from all the imperfections and didn’t had any flaws.

This game is user friendly and has some decent theme too.

9) Viva Piñata

Wondering why we included this game? A game where the gamer can collect cute little stuffs for their garden and animals where you can make them breed.

In this game you make breed parents with children’s, grandparents with the grand children’s and siblings with each other therefore when you have enough creatures available then these are the young creatures can eat up all your sweets to keep themselves fed and alive. We warned you, didn’t we?

10) Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Familiar with skyrim, the episode of Elder Scroll series that basically roamed around dragons, killing them and learning songs is real fun. It’s a very adventurous experience.

In this game entering into a next and new level were a dream and a very challenging situation for the gamers. Hold on- this game nearly requires years to be completed this game has many interesting factors.

This game is full of twists and turns which makes it further interesting for the gamers and everyone has their own experience with this game which cannot be expressed in words.. Soon skyrim 2 will be announced this year and it is on its way.

Having a hectic and tiring day without any relaxing moment so here we have an option for you to sit back with ease and comfort and enjoy your most favorite games with the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 is providing you a complete set of games and are willing to provide you entertainment at your leisure times and the purpose is to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and peaceful in this chaotic world.

Therefore opt for Xbox 360 and develop a healthier and much easier lifestyle of living.

Enter into the world of your choice with selecting any game and giving your best to achieve and level up in your peer group and circle.