Dragon city is an astounding game app that enables you to breed dragons during a magic world. Cool fire dragon really looks like an ice and fire-type dragon – two elements in one! This blue dragon is beautiful and easy to reproduce.

How to get the app on your phone or laptop

  • Go to the app store in your phone or machine/PC, sort the dragon town and faucet on to transfer. You’ll additionally play this game through Facebook. Simply log in to Facebook and navigate to the aspect menu app. Now click on the sport and begin plying.
  • To breed your dragon, there’s a breeding mountain. Wherever you’ll create additional variable forms of dragons. You will see a breeding crystal cordate icon (heart-shaped) on the lower right-hand aspect of the screen.
  • Once breeding of the dragons is done, you must choose the dragons whom you wish to mate. To do so, you need to faucet a dragon on the left and therefore the different on the proper aspect of the screen.
  • To create a cool fireplace dragon, you must select one in all the subsequent combinations:
  • Pearl Dragon and Fleming Rock Dragon
  • Laser Dragon and blow ball Dragon
  • Firebird dragon and ice dragon
  • Lava dragon and alpine dragon
  • Flame Dragon and Ice Dragon
  • Soccer Dragon and football game Dragon

Once you select the dragons, you may get a popup to breed your dragons. Click on begin breeding. A window popup can see with the time (hours and minutes) of breeding. And just in case you have got been offered any gems, it’ll raise you to end the breeding for many gems.

The breeding time can have confidence in the singularity of the dragons. The gems can assist you to accelerate the process.

  • Click on Hatchery, here you will be seeing an egg, you need to wait till the eggs get ready to hatch. Once it is ready; click on the “hatch”, you will get a cool fire dragon.

How to get a Legendary Dragon

If you would like to urge a legendary dragon, breed a soccer dragon/cool fireplace dragon or gummy dragon and you may get a one out of the four legendary dragons. Although it’s going to take many tries for the result; ice or hot metal can also create a cool fireplace dragon.

Legend dragons are the sole wildcards. They will contribute to part and to several components. They bypass the requirements of any level. To breed legend dragons, each oldster ought to have pure components (pure, pure hybrid or legend).

The probabilities of success area unit terribly low, thus sometimes several efforts are going to be needed. Prevalent legendary dragons are: mythological, crystal, wind, mirror, Nirobi, and droconos


At each step throughout your play you may be obtaining totally different breeding places; breeding tree, breeding mountain & breeding sanctuary, etc. The breeding tree is like a sophisticated breeding mountain, and therefore the breeding sanctuary is wherever you’ll solely get bound forms of dragons.

Sanctuary Dragons will solely be bred within the Breeding Sanctuary. Triple-crown Sanctuary Dragon Breeding is reduced because of the sanctuary level becomes slightly over the specified dragon level.

Dragons accessible at level one and a couple of have associate close to 1/3 likelihood during a sanctuary at the extent of seven or eight. In case you have got solely breeding tree, you may need to get the breeding stand.